Plate of Roundabout Wood



Plate of Round Shaped Beans can be a refreshing container for displaying fruit on the dining table, an extremely impressive living room, creating a cozy and luxurious feel for the space of each family's home.

Wooden Plate Rounded - The product is not new but never old

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Are you looking for a wood supplier who has years of experience in exporting?

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Are you a business owner or a business unit in the restaurant industry and you want to find a new product that makes a difference?

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) You want your restaurant to be a restaurant with a luxurious design but still traditional style?

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Do you want to create a cozy, rustic space for customers through the wooden plates when coming here?

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) You see the food is placed on the dish, porcelain transparent glass is too boring for restaurants, businesses and you want to innovate?

The Plate of Round Shredder is the product you are looking for!

Dia-go-xa-cu-tron-tien-dung-phu-hop-voi-moi-loai-thuc-pham.png (123 KB)

Round-edged logs are suitable for all kinds of food

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Not only the practical applications, but spiritually, the round nacre is also a very unique and impressive product to make meals more luxurious and cozy.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) With modern laser engraving technology, we can save your company logo and slogan for the longest time on this log. Logo engraved on the bottom of the log.

Product details for logs

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Product Name: Roundwood Plate.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Made in Viet Nam.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Material: 100% natural mother-of-pearl with high durability and heat resistance.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Rounded Plate has been processed by PU polishing technique for easy cleaning after use, while avoiding the color and smell of food sticking to the health of the users.


dia-go-tron-voi-nhieu-chung-loai-da-dang-tai-go-vinh-phat.jpg (20 KB)

Round logs of various types in Vinh Phat Wood

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Color and texture of wood: reddish brown

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Use: For sausage stir fry vegetables, boiled egg ... Depending on the purpose of each person.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Particularly, round logs can be engraved with letters and logos according to customers' wishes based on the most modern technology, which is a very sophisticated laser engraving.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Round-shaped logs are processed and domestically produced, so they are cheap and competitive.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB)   Note: Clean the disc and store it in a dry place after use

How safe is the circular logs of Vinh Phat Timber?

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB)  Our wooden discs use the paint of Hiep Phat Coatings Company, which meets the safety standards. Verification results are performed by the German TÜV Rheinland Group. We will send test results to you in case you need to see.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Our raw material wood is dried thoroughly before being put into the production line. Wooden products are made without bending, warping, cracking due to the influence of temperature when used and stored.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) All of our wooden products are painted in 2 to 3 layers, ensuring the surface durability of the product when used for a long time.

Other pictures of wooden logs

Mat-sau-bo-tron-cua-dia-go-xa-cu-tron.png (124 KB)

The circular back of the round nacre


Why should you choose us as the producer of round logs?

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Because we Vinh Phat Wood is the unit directly produce wooden products, so the price will be much lower than other units.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) With many years of experience we can handle large quantities, many wooden disc products have been exported to foreign countries such as Taiwan, Korea, ... And the quality has been verified by your country market. .

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) With a team of skilled staff, we are always willing to consult free of charge at any time when the customer needs to pay attention to the wooden products.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) If you still have questions and need further information, please contact us on 08 6275 6339 for further advice.

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