Wooden Chopsticks



The long rectangular wooden board allows the user to process many foods without worrying about falling out. This is also one of the most popular varieties used by most customers in the country and abroad.

Chopped rectangular wooden board - Popular product in the kitchen of each family

Why should you choose rectangular wood cutting boards and not other cutting boards?

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB)  As a rectangular wooden board with high elasticity, heavy weight convenient for chopping food without worrying about broken, broken like plastic chopping board, glass, ...

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB)  Since the rectangular wood cutting board has been passed through many stages of processing with modern advanced technology, the cutting boards have been polished without warping or cracking, the quality meets export standards.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB)  With the strength, heat resistance and easy cleaning after using the rectangular wooden board is a lot of businesses, restaurants in the country as well as international selection.

Thot-go-hinh-chu-nhat-nhan-min-su-dung-khong-tao-ra-mun-cua.png (293 KB)

Fine smooth rectangular wood cutting boards do not produce sawdust

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB)  In addition, you want to assert your company branded products we have the latest laser engraving technology today to engrave logos, slogans or all the messages you want to send messages to customers on the product.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB)  In addition to the value of superior use that customers receive, businesses have a very useful marketing tool. Because of that we always offer the most favorable price in unlimited quantities.

the detail information of product

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB)  Product Name: Wooden Chopsticks.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB)  Made in Viet Nam.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB)  Ingredients: Rubber wood, beech, mother-of-pearl, ... Natural 100% imported are characterized by heavy, hard and high heat.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB)  Rectangular wood chopping boards have been treated with PU polishing technique for easy cleaning after use while avoiding the color and smell of food sticking to the health of the users.

Bo-thot-go-hinh-chu-nhat-tien-dung-cho-moi-nha.jpg (43 KB)

Rectangular chopping boards are suitable for all homes

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Color and texture of wood: reddish brown (depending on product)

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Uses: Cut, chop food, fruit, ... Depending on the purpose of each person.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Particularly, rectangular wood cutting boards can be engraved with letters and logos according to customers' wishes based on the most modern technique.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB)  Products are processed and made in the country so the price is cheap and competitive.

Note: Should be cleaned to dry place after use

More images of the product

Thot-go-hinh-chu-nhat-duoc-khac-laser-an-tuong.png (344 KB)

Chopped rectangular wood carved with impressive laser engraving

Why should you choose us as the production unit

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB)  As a business always take the heart as the original products that we produce are trying to satisfy all customers.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB)  Compete with diverse models, excellent quality and finally convince by price, service.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB)  As a perennial unit in the wood sector we not only serve the domestic demand, but also the products have been exported to foreign markets such as Japan, Taiwan, Korea, ...

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB)  Unlimited number, designs if you have please give us or we can design help for you.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB)  Any questions please contact hotline 028 6275 6339 for free consultation and support.

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