Big Wooden Bowl



Big Wooden Bowl is producted with reasonable dimension and depth ,the foods have water as soup. Beside with color natural of wood create feel warm and luxury.

Big Wooden Bowl  - For full more meal

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Are you a business company in the restaurant filed and you are interested in beautiful wooden bowl to impress your customers.

Description: Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) The dishes in the restaurant is most of glass and easy broken, and you want to find a bowl that is resistant to heat, high durability?

Description: Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) You are a trading company and you want to find a factory in Viet Nam that can make all your kitchen houseware design by wooden?

Description: Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Are you finding wooden kitchen houseware products made in VietNam that meet international standard for export?

 Big wooden bowl is a product that can meet all the above requirements!

To-go-voi-do-sau-vua-phai-giup-cho-nhung-nguoi-dau-bep-de-dang-su-dung-hon.png (92 KB)

Big wooden bowl with reasonable depth help to chef use more easy

Detail information of product big wooden bowl 

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Product Name: Big Wooden Bowl.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Made in Viet Nam.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Material: Khaya, beech.

Description: Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) The big wooden bowl has been treated with NC paint technology for easy cleaning and to prevent dust from sticking, keeping the brightness of product for a long time.

To-go-voi-da-dang-kich-thuoc-chung-ta-co-the-su-dung-voi-nhieu-muc-dich-khac-nhau.jpg (56 KB)

Big wooden bowl with diversity size can use many else purpose 

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Color and wood grain: Depending on the product.

Description: Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Uses: Used in meal, hold sauce,... Depending on the purpose of each person.

Description: Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Especially, big wooden bowl can print and engraving logos according to customers's requirement based on the latest modern technology of laser engraving.

Description: Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Products are processed and made in the Viet Nam so the price is cheap and competitive.

How is safety of the big wooden bowl made by Vinh Phat Wood?

Description: Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Our big wooden bowl products use the NC paints, which meet the safety standards. Verification results are performed by the German TÜV Rheinland Group. We will send test results to you in case you need to see.

Description: Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Before make big quantity, we can make the sample in case you want to do the test by your side.

Description: Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Our raw material wood is dried thoroughly before being put into the production line. big wooden bowl products are created without bending, warping, cracking due to the influence of temperature when used and stored.

Description: Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) All our wooden bowls are painted in two to three layers, ensuring the surface durability of the product when used for extended periods of time.

Mat-sau-de-bang-cua-to-go.png (104 KB)

The back of the big wooden bowl 

Why you should choose the big wooden bowl of Vinh Phat Wood

Description: Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Because we are directly make big wooden bowl products, so the price will be more competitive.

Description: Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) With many years of experience we can process large quantities, many products have been exported abroad such as Japan, Taiwan, Korea, ... And the quality has been confirmed by customer.

Description: Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) With a team of skilled staff, we are always willing to consult whenever customers are interested in the wooden bowl products.

Description: Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) If you still have questions and need further information, please contact us at 00 8428 6275 6339 for further advice.

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