Wooden Bar Chair



Wooden Bar Chair is the beauty of simplicity, not picky. The first impression when looking at the chair is the rustic color is not too much, the back of the chair is taken image from the strong, solid nature.

Wooden Bar Chair - Simply furniture for the bar

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) You are the owner of a restaurant, large and luxury bar and you want to use the high quality chairs that match the space of yours?

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Are you a business unit that is in need of export wooden bar chair and want a qualified supplier?

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Are you looking for a large source of wooden bar chair that meets all the requirements for import to EU or US?

Our Wooden Bar Chair can meet all the above requirements!

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Walnut wooden bar chair 

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Different from plastic and stainless steel chairs, wooden bar chair is made of wood material is very durable, sure, carved design diversity and especially make the space more luxurious and professional.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) The product is made up of modern technology lines, rigorous testing process, meeting the quality requirements of domestic and international customers.

Detail information of product wooden bar chair

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Product Name: Wooden Bar Chair.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Made in Viet Nam.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Material: Rubber, oak, 100% natural, strong and durable.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Wooden bar chair have been treated with PU paint technology for easy cleaning and protection while keeping dirt from sticking to the wood for a long time.

Bo-doi-2-san-pham-ghe-go-quay-bar-doc-dao.jpg (46 KB)

Couple wooden bar chair products

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Color and wood grain: Depending on the product.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Uses: bars, pubs, coffee shop,... Depending on the purpose of each person.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Products are made in VietNam so the price is cheap and competitive.

More images of the product

Ghe-go-quay-bar-mau-kem-lot-nem.jpg (22 KB)

Wooden bar chair with cream color and cushion

The reason you should choose wood chairs bar made by Vinh Phat Wood Company

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Our company has years of experience in the field of furniture production especially wood chairs. The product has been highly appreciated by customers for the quality of products as well as services.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) The wood materials we use are of clear origin to ensure the design and quality of finished products.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) As a direct production unit we can meet the large quantity with the most reasonable price for the customer.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Especially our products have been exported to countries such as Korea, Japan, Taiwan, US and EU.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) If you have any questions, please feel free to contact hotline 00 8428 6275 6339 for further information.

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