Wooden Baby Chair With Arms



Wooden Baby Chair With Arms: The product is in the children's wooden chair set with sturdy joystick design, 4-foot chair is processed to keep high balance, together with seat belts ensure safety. Not tilted when moving.

Wooden baby chair with arms - The interest in every meal

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Doing business in children's wooden furniture is a profitable business, but It mean that your product have to satisfy quality requirements, as well as the safety  must be high.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Parents always want to give the best things to their children so they are willing to spend the money to get the product really useful and quality, Do you want to dominate this market?

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) To find a supplier is very easy, but to work with a large scale and prestige business company is not easy.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Are you looking for a factory in Viet Nam can manufactures wooden baby chair with arms that meet international standards for sale?

Wooden baby chair with arms of VinhPhatWood should be the product you are looking for!

Ghe-go-em-be-duoc-trang-tri-boi-nhung-hinh-anh-ngo-nghinh-dang-yeu.png (152 KB)

Wooden baby chairs are decorated by lovely pictures

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Produced by high-grade quality, clear source of wood material. Wooden baby chair with arms have undergone the process of ensuring non-angular, do not contain toxins and safe for users especially children.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Different from plastic and stainless steel chairs, baby wooden chair is made of extremely durable wood material. Ensure the long life of the product.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Being a smart essential product, wooden baby chair with arms are the choice of parents over the world believe and use.

Detail information of product

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Product Name: Wooden Baby Chair With Arms.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Made in Viet Nam.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Material: Rubber wood, oak, natural wood are heavy, strong and durable.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Wooden baby chair with arms ave been treated with PU paint technology for cleaning and cleaning at the same time to prevent dust from sticking, keeping the brightness of wood for a long time.

Thiet-ke-chac-chan-dam-bao-tinh-an-toan-cao-cua-ghe-go-em-be.png (155 KB)

Design safety sturdy ensure of woden baby chair with arms

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Color and wood grain: Depending on the product.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Usage: Use in the eating time of a baby or in different age according to the purpose of each person.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Products are processed and made in Viet Nam so the price is cheap and competitive.

More images of the wooden baby chair with arms

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Reference figures of the wooden baby chair with arms

How is safety of wooden baby chair with arms made by Vinh Phat Wood

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Our wooden baby chair with arms products use safety paint, not harmful to health. Meet export conditions to fastidious markets like the US and the EU.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Our raw material wood is dried thoroughly before being put into the production line. The product are made without bending, warping, cracking due to the influence of temperature when used and stored.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) All our wooden chair products are painted in 2 to 3 layers, ensuring the surface durability of the product when used for a long time.

Ghe-go-em-be-duoc-son-Pu-bong-dam-bao-khong-vet-xuoc.png (217 KB)

Wooden baby chair with arms have been painted PU ensure no scratches

Why you should choose wooden baby chair with arms of Vinh Phat Wood

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Because we are directly production of wooden chair baby with arms that given competitive cost of production in large quantities.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) Because the products we manufacture are guaranteed and give priority to quality first.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) The products have been exported to foreign countries such as Korea, Japan, US,... Meet export standards.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) With modern machinery we can make large quantity with production line technology, uniformity, high accuracy.

Dau-stick-1.jpg (9 KB) If you have any questions or need assistance please contact us via hotline: (+84) 028 6275 6339 for further information.

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